How to change Pre-order Button Text?

Sumi Sharif

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If you want to change the text of your Pre-order button then here are the directions:-

1. First go to the Dashboard > Default Settings.

2. In the following picture you will see that there is a field of Button Caption (arrow no.1 ) where you can set the button text as you want.

3.You can also set a Button message which a customer will see by hovering on the pre-order button (arrow no. 2 ).

4. In the section of Pre-order Closed Message (arrow no. 3 ) you can set a button text while your pre-order limit is fulfilled or stock is out.

5. And last but not the least do not forget to save the change.

If You want to set the pre-order button text on specif products or items the follow here:-

1. Go to the Dashboard > Active/Inactive Pre-order > Your Products List > Custom Pre-order Settings

2. Now the direction is same as mentioned in the above text

or you can follow the arrows on the picture below.

If you want to change the Pre-order Button text on Specific Variants of different products then the direction is slightly different

1. Just expand the Product and click on the variant you want to choose.

2. Other direction is same as before.

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