Pre-order Button not showing ?

Shopy Shaper

Last Update há 3 anos

If you have installed the Pre-Order app on your Shopify store, and activated products for pre-order, you should be seeing the button replace your "add to cart" button.

But if you do not see the button, please follow these steps:

                    • Go to the app dashboard, click on Products Menu from the sidebar 
                    • You will see all your  products from your store 
                    • Now toggle the 'pre-order' switch to green (pre-order activated) for the pre-order products 
                    • Ensure the pre-order status is shown as Pre-order active
                    • And Ensure variants are not in stock (“Items in stock"). If products are not out of stock the pre-order button will not be shown on your store.

If you follow these steps you should be seeing the pre-order button on your store, which are activated for preorder, or if still the preorder button is not showing please reach out to our support

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